2019 Entertainment

Performers for the Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow will be announced soon. Below you can find the information on the performers from 2018 to give you an idea of what you can expect.

2018 Stage Performers

3 Pints Gone

3 Pints Gone plays Celtic traditional-style folk songs and sea shanties at bars, Celtic fairs and events around the country. Their distinctive sound is full of high energy and harmony-rich arrangements.

Bawdy Buccaneers

Dazzling Swordplay and Witty Comedy!
The Bawdy Buccaneers get the crowd laughing and cheering with flashy sword battles, sharp humor, and audience participation.
This group of sassy pirates has been bringing the battle of the sexes to a whole new level at festivals all over the nation since 2009.

Bell, Book and Canto

A unique duo from Kalamazoo, Michigan, Bell Book and Canto is a “must see” at any event. With performances that feature everything from authentic medieval pieces to drinking songs, ballads to video game music, these ladies know how to put on a show. They love to mix comedy with education and layer it all over a truly gorgeous foundation of musical excellence you won’t find anywhere else. Plus every time they take the stage you’re in for a brand new experience. Come check them out – you’ll be glad you did!

Better Than Nun

Some women are born nuns. Some women achieve nunhood. But we, we had nunhood thrust upon us.
Who are we? Originally from St. Louis and appearing all across the Midwest, we are Sisters Temperance and Prudence, the Sisters of Perpetual Motion, Better than Nun!
If you like your music irreverent, if you like your jokes groan worthy, if you like drinking at 10 AM on a Sunday, have we got a show for you! Come indulge in some bad habits with Better Than Nun!

Danza Mystique

Danza Mystique is a one of a kind troupe that brings the magic of dance to life. Versed in a variety of belly dance styles, the group conjures an atmosphere that is both entertaining and magical. While the dance alone might be enough, Danza Mystique mixes in humor, fire, a duet between dancer and serpent and many more surprises. This is a special performance that is sure to enchant and delight. Our dancers believe that the most important part of the show is audience participation where we invite everyone to share in the fun. So come, join us and believe in magic again.

Fishbones & Scurvvy

Two sailors lost at sea, with nothing left on board but Fishbones & Scurvy

Gavin the Crossroads Mystic

An experienced international performer, with an intoxicating and entertaining show full of all the dangerous deeds and mystical mayhem you can handle…and then some. Witness wonders of legerdemain, fire-eating, escapes, bizarre stunts of magic & mind-reading as Gavin the Crossroads Mystic places himself in danger for your amusement and challenges your perception of reality with mysterious entertainments from ages past!

Starting in 1997 as the fire eater at Dr. Spector’s Chamber of the Bizarre & Unusual. Since 2011 Gavin has thrilled audiences at Renaissance Faires, special events and in the streets, internationally from Vegas to Wales.

Have Court, Will Travel

This sixteenth century English Riding Court is portrayed by experienced reenactor’s, all dressed in the sumptuous costumes of the renaissance. An award winning ensemble, HCWT has been seen at the Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow, the Door County Renaissance Fantasy Faire, the Dubuque Renaissance Faire and Iowa Renaissance Faire, as well as at schools, colleges and libraries across the midwest. Audiences can get up close and personal with the court members by taking part in period dances, participating in question and answer sessions and even be knighted by the King!

Joust Evolution

JoustEvolution is Iowa’s own professional joust team and is completing its 10th year of performances. These knights have battled throughout Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois and all across the Midwest.

Each performance provides entertainment for every person in the audience. JoustEvolution is as much known for its humor and unpredictability as it is for the dramatic action on the field. So, whether your champion is the steadfast hero or the sinister villain, you will be on the edge of your seat until victory has been claimed.

Knotty Bits

The Knotty Bits Pirate Circus is what happens when Cap’n Sylver Fyre and her crew make landfall and test their piratical skills out on solid ground. Whether showing how to keep their balance on a swaying deck, fitting through a hole smaller than the barrel of a cannon, or the first mate dodging the Captains whip, it is all just leading up to a spectacular performance with the crew climbing into the rigging and sails of their landlocked ship! Prepare to be amazed as these stunning scallywags take to the skies to twist, twine and fling themselves from nearly 30 feet in the air- to stop mere inches from the ground. A fast paced, genuine, up close, too funny for words pirate circus…without the risk of scurvy!

The Lute & The Lady

Meet the Lute and the Lady, a 16th-century musical duo who travel the countryside singing and telling their tales of romance, adventure, and the occasional extermination as the Lute, played by Samuel Lawson, is a Scotsman whose general inability to get the message that the love of his life, his Lady Rebekah Lawson, is really trying to put the final coda on his lovelorn life since she is a black widow with a beautiful lyrical voice.

Merlin’s Magik

For over a decade, Molotov has been entertaining at renaissance festivals all over the United States. His style of comedy combines wit, audience interaction, and the guts to do some really stupid stuff, like set himself on fire, stick a sword down his throat, and try to impress women with poetry!

Orkes and Trolles

Orckes & Trolles is a high-energy acoustic group that performs Irish drinking songs, contemporary tunes, and everything in between. They have been performing at Renaissance faires and other local venues for 25 years! At the faire, they will be playing pirate songs and Celtic songs you can sing and dance to. Eye patches or kilts not required! Find them on facebook at www.facebook.com/orckesandtrolles.

Pirates Inc.

Drinking Songs? CHECK!
Rowdy Fight songs? CHECK!
This group of musical pirates bring songs ranging from ballad to bar song and quite an assortment of original music as well. Get ready for a show for everyone!

Punch & Judy

Jester Puppets is once again bringing historical hilarity to RFSH with Punch and Judy!
Though originating in the 16th century (and maybe even earlier!), this Master of Mischief still creates comical pandemonium…much to the delight of both children and adults.
Today’s Punch and Judy resonates with the original slapstick comedy and disrespectful follies of yore, but Jester Puppets brings a touch of pop culture references for even greater entertainment.

Scenery Changes

Their blitzkrieg style of improvisational theater has made them one of the premier improv groups at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, Nebraska Renaissance Faire, and many others throughout Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. Their comedy is always entertaining and safe for all ages.

Titania’s Faeries

Faerie Queen Titania was first discovered wandering in the Middle Amana Colony of Iowa along with King Oberon, Princess Lily and Princes Argentum and Thistlefew. They then played in Omaha, Nebraska and Des Moines, Iowa. In 2007, King Oberon returned to the Faerie Realm. And Faerie Queen Titania and the children had a wondrous tree house built at the Des Moines Renaissance Faire to honor his passing from the mortal realm. Today the Princes have moved on to other pursuits while Titania and Lily continue to bring delight and magic to children and adults, in the area. A few various other fae have joined the Royal Court. The Lady Acacia – Sister to Titania. This year we will have an even bigger and better Faerie Court joining us this year are Arachne, Foxfire, Wildfire, Azura, Mariposa, Lilac Wisteria, Galaxie, Octavia, Rain, Kitty and Captain Squeaky, The Duck Faerie to name a few who will fill out our ranks making this year the biggest year ever for the Faeries!

White Rose Players

The White Rose Players provokes thought, discourse, and action in the communities we serve through original, devised, and adapted plays. Representing the Players at The Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow are Brandon Brockshus, Kitty Corum, and Michael Wilkerson. Brandon is a theatre professional based in Stratford, Iowa and recognized Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD) actor/combatant. Kitty is a theatre student in Missouri and recognized SAFD advanced actor/combatant. Michael is a fight enthusiast based in Ames, Iowa. The White Rose Players will thrill you with live stage combat in the thoroughfares and combat workshops on the English Castle Main Stage. https://brockshustheatre.com

William & Blackjack

Families throughout the Midwest love the William and Blackjack Show. Come see this storytelling bard and participate in his interactive stories. But most of all, come see the REAL star of the show, Blackjack the Dragon. Find out the true story of how William came to be friends with Midnight, the dancing stick. See if you are brave enough to sleep at Grandpa’s Castle, or face the Dragon with the One Black Eye. Sometimes we will be in for a treat when the Ogres of the Deep Dark Forest dance for us. Join William in Looking for Dragon Eggs, and finding pirate treasure. Catch William between shows and ask for a Magic Dragon Bubble. Children have been collecting these rare dragon artifacts for over 15 years. See you at the Faire.


Since the dawn of time, there have been few certainties. The sky is blue, water is wet, and The ScallyWags are twisted. For the last two decades there have been ScallyWags Pirate comedy shows in many locations. Joining us at Sleepy Hollow, the ScallyWags pirate comedy show, where Captain Hook is the hero, Yoda leads the Red Eye knights, King Arthur found the grail , Game shows are fun again, and a script is just a reference guide.

2018 Street Performers

Forking Queen

The Forking Queen is a Renaissance character who is bigger then life. She does knighting and princess ceremonies!

Rachel the Harpist

Rachel will be appearing for her 3rd season with the Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow. A classically trained musician, Rachel will perform a wide variety of songs for your enjoyment.

Shaylee the Fluting Faery

Do you hear bells? What about a flute?
It could be coming from Shaylee Piper, fluting faery and infamous jingler.
Since 2007, Shaylee has brought joy to children and adults at festivals in Nebraska and Iowa with her bells, her flutes, and her charming personality. She encourages people to dance with her catchy Irish tunes, played on a range of flutes and tin whistles. In past years, you may have seen her playing for the queen of the faeries herself.
Children (and adults) who are brave enough to approach this red-capped faery for a dance or a conversation are often rewarded with treasures straight from Neverland. It’s said that these treasures ward off nightmares.
When not playing her flutes for whomever will listen, Shaylee can be found around the festival making mischief. She is not difficult to find, as the sound of bells and chimes accompanies her wherever she goes.

Siren Stephanie d’flute

Siren Stefanie d’ flute has been performing at the Des Moines Renaissance Faire for 10 years. She began as a fairy with the enchanted realm, playing flute in the lanes and for the fairy dance. Her character has grown and transitioned, becoming a lady in order to play music for Have Court Will Travel. You might find her in a bright, cheerful fairy dress, flitting about the village in billowing wings, or you might see her dressed as a lady, sedately making music in the lanes. The mellow sound of the flute provides a subtle background track to the day, adding to the atmosphere of our medieval village. She loves it when the sound of the flute brings a smile to the face of our village guests. Lady Stefanie’s favorite part of her time at the festival has been the excitement and challenge of researching and rehearsing new music, the magic of having another musician stop and jam in the lanes with her, and seeing that music can bring enjoyment and peace to not only the musician, but to everyone whose heart is touched by a song.

Starboard Stocks

Starboard Stocks, founded in 2010 and formerly known as both A Helping Hand Mercenary Guild and Humiliation For Hire, have quickly built up a reputation as the best group of Pirate Pillory Proprietors in the Midwest. Their mission is simple: as long as they can put people in the stocks, they don’t have to go in themselves. Along the way, if they can earn a bit of coin and have some fun in the process, all the better. Come see them at a fair near you, and find out firsthand why your freedom isn’t free.

2018 Encampments

Free Company of the White Stag

The Free Company of the White Stag is a family friendly non-profit organization that focuses on historical re-enactment and Historical European Martial Arts. We bring this to life in our living history encampment by offering demos on blacksmithing, children’s crafts, and tent living quarters. We also offer live steel swordfighting, where we bring to life the martial arts as shown in Historical texts dating back to the 13th Century.


Skjaldborg was founded in 1994 as a Living History and Live, Steel Combat group. We are all free men and women doing our very best to educate the public, as well as, entertain them with our combat demonstrations. We have grown substantially over the years and have over a hundred members in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota, with many more to come.

Sons of Valhalla
Olskipan Vikings

We are Olskipan Vikings. A viking encampment that shows a day in the life of the seafaring Vikings. We focus on education of the viking daily life. Some of the highlights of our camp are the storybooks around camp which tell of the history, life and legacy of the Vikings. We also tell stories and give the children souvenirs so they remember their time at our camp.

Order of Wrath

We are an HMB/IMCF club team (formerly ACL Omaha Ravens). Looking for medieval fighting in the midwest? You’ve come to the right place