2020 Entertainment

Bawdy Buccaneers

Performing All Weekends

See what happens when sword-fighting pirates mix with a stone-cold stunner. Get ready for some hard-hitting comedy.

Danza Mystique

Performing All Weekends

Free Company of the White Stag

Performing All Weekends

Have Court, Will Travel

Performing All Weekends


Performing All Weekends

Knotty Bits

Performing Weekend 2

Highland Marital Mayhem

Performing Weekend 1

Merlyn the Magician

Performing Weekends 2 & 3

Norse Fyre

Performing All Weekends

Oliskipan Vikings

Performing All Weekends

Order of Wrath

Performing All Weekends

Orckes and Trolls

Performing All Weekends

Pirate Skool

Performing Weekend 3

Capʼn Tetanus & First Mate Kitty are looking for a crew made up of kids to help them sail their ship on a course for treasure. They plan to divide the treasure with their crew based on each pirate’s size (so the smaller the pirate, the smaller the share!).
The crew is usually chosen from the audience (but adjustments have been made for COVID-19 to use the performers’ own children instead), they may or may not have pirate experience. Itʼs a good thing that Capʼn Tetanus is able to teach them all they need to know! Through games played on stage, the crew learns about cleaning the ship, sailing the ship, and sword fighting (with plastic swords, of course)!
Thereʼs one problem, though… First Mate Kitty really wants to be captain so that she can decide where to pillage. Once the crew is trained, she just might convince them to mutiny… Join Capʼn Tetanus and First Mate Kitty on the comedic and entertaining adventure that is Pirate Skool!

Pirates Inc.

Performing All Weekends

Pizpor the Magician

Performing Weekend 1 & 3

Lame comedy, not much magic. Yells at disruptive children. The show usually lives up to its name. References not available.

Puppies of Penzance

Performing All Weekends

Shaylee the Fluting Faery

Performing All Weekends

Do you hear bells? What about a flute? What about other strange noises? It might be Shaylee the Fluting Faery, musician to the faery court and pirate pesterer!

Since 2007, Shaylee has brought joy to the young and the young at heart with her jigs and reels. When she is not playing for Queen Titania, she can be found making music in the lanes, playing with other musicians somewhere in the village, or making mischief. Shaylee’s collection of flutes and other noisemakers grows every year, and she has been known to share some of her collection with new friends. The sound of bells and chimes accompanies her wherever she goes, so she is never hard to find!

Street Cast

Robin Hood

This merry band will be in the village all three weekends!