Performer Bios

JoustEvolution is Iowa’s own professional joust team and is completing its 10th year of performances. These knights have battled throughout Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois and all across the Midwest. Each performance provides entertainment for every person in the audience. JoustEvolution is as much known for its humor and unpredictability as it is for the dramatic action on the field. So, whether your champion is the steadfast hero or the sinister villain, you will be on the edge of your seat until victory has been claimed.
molotov Molotov – Stoopid Human TricksFire! Danger! Shenanigans!

Molotov brings the audience into his crazy world, where he commits wild acts of zaniness, such as eating fire, performing the impossible, and even gets stabbed in the face! There is audience participation, and tons of fun. This is a show not to be missed!

Molotov has been performing for over 25 years, and has been entertaining at renaissance festivals for nearly a decade. He considers himself a comedian first and foremost, and uses the variety arts to augment his wacky humor. Sideshow stunts, magic, and audience interaction are all hallmarks of one of Molotov’s highly entertaining shows.

What he enjoys most about performing is that he gets to meet all kinds of fun and interesting people he likely would have never encountered if not for doing what he does.

stephanie Lady Stefanie d’ flute/Siren Stefanie d’ flute has been performing at the Des Moines Renaissance Faire for 10 years. She began as a fairy with the enchanted realm, playing flute in the lanes and for the fairy dance. Her character has grown and transitioned, becoming a lady in order to play music for Have Court Will Travel. You might find her in a bright, cheerful fairy dress, flitting about the village in billowing wings, or you might see her dressed as a lady, sedately making music in the lanes. The mellow sound of the flute provides a subtle background track to the day, adding to the atmosphere of our medieval village.

She loves it when the sound of the flute brings a smile to the face of our village guests. Lady Stefanie’s favorite part of her time at the festival has been the excitement and challenge of researching and rehearsing new music, the magic of having another musician stop and jam in the lanes with her, and seeing that music can bring enjoyment and peace to not only the musician, but to everyone whose heart is touched by a song.

musical-blades Musical Blades

Since the turn of the century, this fearless band of misfit rogues has
been terrorizing and delighting the Midwest with a unique blend of
hilarity and harmonies. The Musical Blades have spent the last 15 years
bringing soaring vocals and vibrant, energetic performances to countless
renaissance festivals and clubs in 12 states across the country’s

robin hood I have played Robin Hood at Renaissance across Iowa for approximately a decade now. I have always enjoyed meeting the children and seeing their reactions when I open the treasure box and they see all the shiny jewels inside. Many times I have been flattered when I met a child who told me they still had what they got from me the year before, or sometimes even several years before.
falconer My name is Matt, I will be doing a falconry display with a captive bred hybrid 50/50 gyr/saker and maybe some other raptors. This is my first year participating in the Ren fair so I’m not sure what to expect it will also be my first time attending a Ren fair.