Spring Fling Entertainment

The entertainment is still being finalized and may be subject to change

Gathering of Clans

Weekend Two May 15th and 16th 2021

General Entertainment

3 Pints Gone

3 Pints Gone plays Celtic traditional-style folk songs and sea shanties at bars, Celtic fairs and events around the country. Their distinctive sound is full of high energy and harmony-rich arrangements.

Blame Not the Bard

The traditional stories of the emerald isle through fiery instrumentals, ballads and rousing rebel songs.

Danza Mystique

Free Company of the White Stag

Living History Encampment and Highland Games

International Heritage Conservancy

Falconer – Craig Hendee – works world wide to educate people on the art of falconry. Craig includes hawks and falcons in his interesting show!


JoustEvolution is Iowa’s only professional joust team, bringing thrills and excitement throughout the Midwest! In 2006, JoustEvolution was created by stuntman Kevin Coble who has jousted professionally across the U.S. for over 20 years. His vision combines hard-hitting action with a great sense of humor to design entertainment that all ages can appreciate and love.

The performances of JoustEvolution provide spectators with amazing feats and great laughs, but they also are intended to inspire those watching in the audience, whether they be young, old, boy or girl. Our mission is to inspire others to live with passion!

Gombeen O’Donohue the Leprachaun

Highly interactive one of a kind street character. Your only chance this year to meet Gombeen!

The Cockatoo Encounter

Logan Jimenez and his amazing Cockatoos

Merlyn the Magician

comedic Magic show for the whole family

Molotov – Brent Allen

Get ready for a zany ride with Molotov’s “Stoopid Human Tricks” Comedy Stunt Show. It is part hilarity and part stupidity as he does things that are likely to kill him, like eating fire and getting stabbed in the face with a sword. This show is rated PG (Pretty Great) by important people who know stuff about ratings. This means that if you do not like subtle innuendo, snarky comments, or blatant idiocy, it is best that you keep yourself and your children far away. But if you don’t mind such things, and want to laugh and have a great time, this is a show you do not want to miss!

Queen of Quests

Find the queen and test your metal by completing one of her quests. Any age is welcome to participate.

Mary Queen of Scotts

Mary Queen of Scotts will be presiding over the Faire this weekend with the royal family in attendance.

RT Dance Company

Student Irish Dance performance team. Inspired by River Dance and Lord of the Dance.

The Scotts Play Golf

Shaylee the Fluting Faerie

Do you hear bells? What about a flute? What about other strange noises? It might be Shaylee the Fluting Faery, musician to the faery court and pirate pesterer!

Concert Acts

On Saturday at 5pm enjoy these incredible national touring acts!

Tuatha Dea

Nationally Touring Group – “Tuatha Dea is a progressive Americana band with a Rock edge, a Celtic-Appalachian influence and a fearless attitude for pushing the boundaries of modern roots music. Their music thrives on a perpetual energy backed by expansive vocal ranges, steady, driving percussion, electric instrumentation and the melodic sounds of acoustic instruments like fiddle, guitar, penny whistle, bagpipes and even didgeridoo.”

Highland Reign

Nationally Touring Act : A Celtic Band from Indianapolis, tunes from the old country and breathes a rocking new life into them. Rock you back to the old country!