Spring Fling Entertainment


Bess and Marley

Welcome England’s next two-woman Troubador sensation!

The Langers Ball

The Langer’s Ball, the two-piece Irish Folk-punk band, has been writing, touring, and performing for over a decade. They play their own brand of traditional drinking songs and original material. Their sound is harder-hitting and bigger than you’d expect it ever could be. With a thumping beat and a flurry of notes and harmonies, you’ll dash to refill your drink and cheer for more.

Guardians of the Black Forest

Guardians of the Black Forest will transport you back to the Middle Ages with their interactive living history encampment. Try your hand at leatherworking, touch and compare pelts from the tanner, and feel the heat radiating from the live steel forge. Learn about the history of women and brewing, the art of heraldry, traditional fletching, and medieval astronomy. Engage with medics and cooks as they keep the camp running, get a picture in the Captain’s throne, try on their suits of armor and helms, hold real steel weapons, and receive a sword-fighting lesson from one of our master fighters. There is even a quest for the young knights to complete! After exploring our camp, root for your favorite fighter in our interactive, non-choreographed, live-steel show. Fighters of all styles and weapons face off after the audience has chosen who they want to see fight, so be sure to cheer loudly for your choice!

two fighters swing at eachother with swords as the crowd looks on.

Kayleigh Rodgers

Making her debut at Sleepy Hollow, legends tell of an innocent sorceress who received her powers from a secret crystal in the Lunar Forest. Could this be her? Bring your entire family to witness
the magic and the miraculous of Iowa’s youngest magician Miss Kayleigh Rodgers!

Merlyn’s Majik

Performing feats of Magic for thousands of Faire goers in 6 states for the past 32 years. Performances are geared for the entire family, young and old.

Molotov – Brent Allen

Get ready for a zany ride with Molotov’s “Stoopid Human Tricks” Comedy Stunt Show. It is part hilarity and part stupidity as he does things that are likely to kill him, like eating fire and getting stabbed in the face with a sword. This show is rated PG (Pretty Great) by important people who know stuff about ratings. If you do not like subtle innuendo, snarky comments, or blatant idiocy, you should keep yourself and your children far away. But if you don’t mind such things, and want to laugh and have a great time, this is a show you do not want to miss!


A Fire Circus. Our Valkyries are the fiercest fiery warriors you’ll ever have the honor of laying eyes on. We throw down that red hot entertainment you love and bring some serious heat.

Order of Wrath

Are you looking for medieval fighting? Men and women wearing historically accurate armor weighing anywhere from 60-80lbs will beat each other up in tournament form with medieval weapons! It is a dangerous sport, and injuries do occur, but that’s why we have armor! Watch the battle! You won’t believe how hard we hit with swords and axes.

Peter’s One-Man Danger Circus Spectacular

Peter Brunette’s stage show combines juggling skills with daring stunts and hilarious comedy to create an experience you can’t miss. From fire juggling on a tight rope to blindfold knife juggling, audiences are in for a one-of-a-kind experience.

RT Dance Company

Watch this Student Irish Dance performance team inspired by River Dance and Lord of the Dance.

Shaylee the Fluting Faerie

Do you hear bells? What about a flute? What about other strange noises? Those sounds might be Shaylee the Fluting Faery, musician to the faery court, and pirate pesterer!

Theatre of Fools

Welcome to the Theatre of Fools. The founders, Lloyd Brant and Rosie Cole have toured their unique brand of absurd theatrics all over the USA and across the globe. Their work is a fusion of theater, magic, and the delight of the circus arts.


JoustEvolution is Iowa’s only professional joust team, bringing thrills and excitement throughout the Midwest! In 2006, JoustEvolution was created by stuntman Kevin Coble who has jousted professionally across the U.S. for over 20 years. His vision combines hard-hitting action with a great sense of humor to design entertainment that all ages can appreciate and love. The performances of JoustEvolution provide spectators with amazing feats and great laughs. Still, they are intended to inspire those watching in the audience, whether young, old, boy, or girl, to live with passion!

Leprechan Gombeen

Gombeen is a highly interactive one-of-a-kind street character. Don’t miss your only chance this year to meet Gombeen!