This was my first Renaissance faire. i had a blast. i learned a lot. their was plenty to see and do! i’m definitely going again next year!

Rocio V.

First time faire goer here! We came the second weekend. It was large enough and busy enough to enjoy the costumes and bustle of the crowd, but small enough to really enjoy the ambiance. Love the permanent feel of the buildings and the grounds. I was wondering how kid friendly it would be because we had a 2 and 4 year old with us, and it was an unneeded concern. From the minute we hit the path the kids were the center of attention, and the 4 year old was a little apprehensive at first but the fairies and magician made her feel right at home! We had a 16 year old too and she was charmed as well! We loved the jousting event! Great for all ages! We will be back, next year in costume!!!

Nina F.

AMAZING!! I went for the first time last weekend and it was like stepping into a whole magical world even better than the original renaissance era. The staff was so amazingly kind and friendly and there is loads of entertainment. I’m from Cedar Rapids and it was definitely worth the drive!! 💕

Jo L.

We love the renaissance fair. I’ve gone the last 4 years or so in a row and I can’t wait to take my own family here someday. They do a good job and every year it’s a blast. Thank you for all you do!

Leah A.

Went again for the third weekend bringing the family and some friends who had never been yet. My son was still talking about it today and how much fun he had and the friend is already making plans for next year:) Bawdy Buccaneers were fabulous as always and one of the reasons we try to come all weekends is to see them perform…they never disappoint and always have a show full of tons of laughs and great skill with their fight scenes. Can’t wait to see what they bring next year. We saw Molotov for the first time this weekend and he also put on a great show! We’ve been going to a lot of faires lately and Sleepy Hollow is still the favorite!

Sonya D.

Great place to go. Amazing live entertainment every where you turn. Wonderful food. Escape from reality in a journey back to the past.

Valerie D.

Good times had by all. Great activities and things to see. Excellent food and beverage choices and decent prices, especially for beer. The only hard part was it had rained a lot the previous day and this event is on all grass or dirt.

Tyler D.

This is the best place to spend three weekends in September. My friends and I dress up every year and it makes it even better. The atmosphere is super friendly and it’s big and small enough that there is always a laid back feeling which I love. Can’t wait to go this year! If you love Renaissance Faires then go every weekend because each new theme brings a whole new feeling to the park!

Rashelle A.