Village Merchants

Vendors and Artisans for the Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow 2019. The list for 202 will be available soon, stay tuned!

2Anglistone – NEW
AllThe Craft Reliquary – NEW
AllThe Cranky Mandrake
2-3Dark Gift – NEW
AllNymph In the Woods – NEW
AllYe Olde Shoppe – NEW
AllBud’s Rootbeer
AllBuffalo Annie’s
2-3Dark Gift – NEW
AllDundee Bee Honey
AllEaGenie’s Scots ‘n Knots
AllEata Buncha Nuts
AllAddi Pat Crafts – NEW
1-2Fyne Hats by Felicity
AllGrumpy Gnome Naturals
AllGypsy Moon Trading Co.
AllHighland Princess Designs
AllIowa Henna
AllJoyas Melita
AllKings Carvings
1-2La Gazza Pazza
AllLena D. Artistry
AllLikely Lotus
AllMudbugs Maille
AllQueen’s Bibs and Bobs
AllRavenworks the Pirate’s Chest- NEW
AllRed Paw Leather
AllRottenpots Woodturning
AllSimply Nixe
AllSpiritual Insights
AllTarot Tree
AllThe Celtic Carver
AllThe Dragon’s Horde
AllThe Potter’s House
AllWally’s Steam Shop
AllWondercraft Emporium
AllDead on Target Armory
AllFlower Fynery
AllHissing Serpent
AllLords of Leather
AllNot the Usual
AllQueen Victoria’s Secret
AllRathburn’s Den of Antiquities
AllSon of Blades
AllThe Glass Bee Hive
AllThe Whimsy Cellar
AllWeapons of the Wood
AllAxed In Time
AllCustom Made Tiaras by Jill
AllDaughter of Darts
AllDragon Mine
AllRazor’s Edge Knife Works2