Two brightly adorned knights jousting.


Iowa’s only permanent Renaissance Village 20 years running!

The Ren Faire At Sleepy Hollow In:


About The Faire

A red female fairy, a young woman in an elaborate gown, a sleeveless pirate, and a Scotsman smile for the camera as a group.

The Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow in Des Moines, IA is a magical experience for both young and old. When you enter our gates for the first time you will go back in time to an era when kings and queens ruled, knights jousted, and the arts came alive!

There are many ways to enjoy the Renaissance Faire and many things to do. In our village the street characters, stage performers, and vendors are all excited to interact with you! Feel free to play along and be part of the world. You can meet the Royal Court, interact with fey creatures, observe artisans at work, participate in games of skill and chance, and enjoy performances at any of our 9 stages on the grounds.

Coming in costume is always welcome but not required. Please feel free to come as you are, a modern time traveler to the middle ages. Or join us in costume if you prefer. We welcome costumes of all kinds, we all know this is fantasy don’t we, so Cosplayers come on in. If you do choose to dress up please be sure to read our policies regarding weaponry!

Two young women side hug and smile for the camera. One holds a bottle of meade proudly.


"I started coming to the Ren Faire when my son was in fifth grade. He is now a college student, but I continue to return every single year, because I absolutely loved every single thing about it!"

- Kathy

"Omg yas, let’s go!"

- Ashton

"I love getting to step into a different little world for an afternoon. Getting to support local artists, dressing up, and connecting with performers is always a delight."

- Chelsea

"Tim, let’s get the camper ready!!!"

- Pam

Acts We Have Featured

A group of singing pirates perform for a crowd

Musical Blades

Two women lean against each other back to back one plays a flute the other holds a guitar.

Bess And Marley

A woman in a middle eastern dress holds a falcon

Regalia Intl.

A group of steampunk pirates performs on a stage.

The ScallyWags

A group of belly dancers teaches children on a stage.

Danza Mystique


10:00 am - 6:00 pm Rain or Shine
11:00 am - Performances Start


4051 Dean Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50317

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